Here is what the Sparks and T&T child can do to earn points each week in AWANA.   The points are used to determine “Team of the Week”.

Point Breakdown

10 points for attendance*

10 points for bringing a Bible*

10 points for bringing dues*

(100 pts. for paying dues in advance – plus the 10 pts. each week)

10 points for wearing their uniform

100 points for each section said*

100 points for bringing a friend to AWANA*

100 points for participating in a special event (See schedule)


Our goal is that a clubber completes a book a year.  This keeps them on track for achieving an award a year.  Upon completion of each book, the following award will be presented at the Awards Ceremony at the end of the AWANA year.  (See schedule for date.)


Cubbies only work on one book a year.  Cubbies are in the program for 2 years and they will complete the Hopper or Jumper book, depending on the year.Hopper or Jumper Book – Their award is age appropriate.

1st year – Cubbie Bear

2nd year – Ribbon


1ST year in Sparks, work on Book 1 – 1st Book Green Ribbon

2nd year in Sparks, work on Book 2 – 2nd Book Blue Ribbon

3rd year in Sparks, work on Book 3 – 3rd Book Sparky Plaque


3rd or 4th grade, 1st year in T&T – Adventure Book 1

4th grade and 2nd year in T&T – Adventure Book 2

5th grade – Challenge Book 1

Extra book – Challenge Book 2

1st book completed – Medal

2 books completed – Excellence Award

3 books completed – Challenge Award

All 4 T&T books completed – Timothy Award